About Mitco Associates, Inc.

Todd Mitchell has grown up in the custom House Remodeling field learning first hand a keen sense of design and an eye for every detail. Starting out in a family-owned business initiated by his father, Donald Mitchell, Mitco Associates has been perfecting their craft for over a half century.

Todd’s quest for excellence is carried out in all his projects, from the simple to the most intricate. Always putting his clients first and foremost, he has been transforming his family business into a well-organized, professional and top notch remodeling business. He has single-handedly developed deep infrastructures within the home trades, including all aspects of the custom home industry.

By working closely with the customer as well as other members of the ‘team’; architects, designers as well as his own crew of qualified carpenters is key to his ongoing success. With a strong focus on detail and design and by paying close attention to the wants and need of his clientele, Todd is a professional that pulls it all together to create beautiful environs - seamlessly. 

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Special Projects

Long Beach Show House
Mitco Associates worked in collaboration with local designers to renovate an 1,800-square-foot, two-bedroom apartment in Long Beach, NY. This project was featured on the front page of Newsday Homes on Friday, November 1, 2013.



Mitco Associates help renovate the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island.


Todd Mitchell

Furry Friends
During the life of a job, Mitco Associates and their clients tend to get really close and that includes the furriest members of the family. Take a peek at some of the precious pouches we've had the honor of meeting.